November 2-8, 2020 | Phoenix, Arizona

2020 Volunteer Committee Descriptions

Please note some committees have been removed for 2020 due to COVID-19 but will be returning in the following years.

These committees listed below are still current but currently CLOSED. 

Amateur Pro-Am Caddie Program: On Wednesday & Thursday of tournament week, manage the registration and logistics of the Official Pro-Am amateur caddie program - caddie bibs, assign caddie with amateur. 
Dates of Operation: Wednesday - Thursday of tournament week (November 4 - 5)

Caddie Services: Assist with PGA TOUR Champions professional caddie registration and services throughout tournament week. Distribute/wash/collect towels and bibs, maintain the caddie lounge area, act as a concierge. 
Dates of Operation: Monday - Sunday of tournament week (November 2 - 8)

Golf Carts: Allocate golf carts to PGA TOUR Staff, Volunteer Leadership, Vendors and Operations. Maintain a sign-in/sign-out sheet and assign cart signage to individuals and signs on carts. Ensure cart keys are returned; carts are charged and cleaned daily.
Dates of Operation: Pre-Friday - Post Monday of tournament week (October 30  - November 9)

Golf Cart Shuttles: To provide cart transportation for disabled spectators to and from the bus drop at the main entrance to designated areas on the golf course. Responsible for transporting players and caddies to/from specific areas determined by the Rules Officials. Provide golf cart transportation to Marshals to their assigned hole locations when time permits. Must be age 25 or older with a valid driver’s license to operate a golf cart transporting passengers.
Dates of Operation: Monday - Sunday of tournament week (November 2 - 8)

Golf Events: Assist with operational set-up, registration, collect scorecards, and gift distribution for the following events: Official Pro-Am (Wednesday, Nov. 4); Official Pro-Am (Thursday, Nov. 5)
Dates of Operation: Wednesday and Thursday of tournament week (November 4 - 5)

Long Drive/SHOTLink: Measure and record the yardage of a professional’s ball on the fairway using scoring devices provided by the PGA TOUR Staff. SHOTLink volunteers may be required to climb onto a platform which can be up to six (6) feet off the ground.
Dates of Operation:  Friday - Sunday of tournament week (November 6 - 8)

Marshals: Provide gallery noise control, assist in player movement on and off the course due to weather, help locate errant golf shots and provide spectators with general information. The committee requires standing for extended periods of time in addition to walking to various positions around the hole.
Dates of Operation: Wednesday - Sunday of tournament week (November 4 - 8)

Media Services: Assist with the PGA TOUR Champions Media Director in registration, welcoming and providing proper credentials to Local, National and International journalists. Answer phones, produce daily clippings and provide scoring information to the media as needed.
Dates of Operation: Wednesday - Sunday of tournament week (November 4 - 8 )

Player Services: Assist PGA TOUR staff in providing exceptional service to the PGA TOUR Champions throughout the week. Act as a concierge for the players including player registration and answering questions from the players and/or their family members.
Dates of Operation: Monday - Sunday of tournament week (November 2 - 8)

Practice Area: Set-up and maintain the practice facility for the players by stocking and distributing practice range balls, drinks, snacks, etc. Provide gallery control of the practice areas and regulate access for the contestants and tournament officials.
Dates of Operation: Monday - Sunday of tournament week (November 2 - 8)

Supply Distribution: To inventory, distribute and maintain tournament supplies such as ice, coolers, drinks, and spectator information to designated areas.  Committee requires a significant amount of lifting. Golf cart operation may be required.  Must be age 18 or older with a valid driver’s license to operate a golf cart transporting supplies
Dates of Operation: Pre-Saturday - Post Monday (October 31 - November 8)

Transportation: Provide transportation to professionals and VIP guests before, during and after the tournament. Assist with the inventory and control the distribution of official tournament vehicles. Committee also assists in the return of vehicles after the tournament. This Committee sometimes requires a lot of downtime due to the players' unpredictable schedule so it is recommended that volunteers bring a book or tablet to pass time. Drivers must be at least 25 years old and provide a valid driver’s license issued by the volunteer’s jurisdiction of residency.
Dates of Operation: Pre-Friday - Post Monday (October 30 - November 9)

Television Spotters: Assist Golf Channel with responsibilities including carrying microphones and equipment and relaying for Golf Channel staff. This committee requires some golf knowledge, ability to walk the course/keep pace and minor lifting.
Dates of Operation: Friday - Sunday of tournament week (November 6 - 8)

Uniform Distribution: Inventory and distribute volunteer apparel and credentials. Responsibilities include management of uniform distribution area, apparel exchanges, sales and returns. Minimal lifting is required.
Dates of Operation:  October 23, 24, and October 31 (Dates are tentative and subject to change)

Volunteer Services HQ: Responsible for the operation and management of Volunteer HQ during tournament week (exclusive use of credentialed volunteers). Assist with food and beverage; lunch chits; check-in; maintain clean environment and merchandise sales.
Dates of Operation:  Monday - Sunday of tournament week (November 2 - 8)

Walking Scorers: Record statistics and scores of players on a Palm Pilot during competition rounds and must be able to walk 18 holes. MANDATORY that Walking Scorers work on Wednesday (Nov. 4) and Thursday (Nov. 5).
Dates of Operation:  Wednesday - Sunday of tournament week (November 4 - 8)